By: Jimmy Swaggart

On October 10th, 2019, Frances and I will have been married 67 years. Other than my Salvation, she is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, and I think the greatest thing that’s ever happened to the Work of God. I have said many times about her, I believe she has the talent and the ability to run General Motors if she had to do so. Now some may claim that I’m prejudice, and of that they would be absolutely correct; however, what I am saying, I also happen to believe it to be the Truth.

Throughout all of these years, we’ve seen some great days, and we’ve seen some hard days; however, not one single time have I ever seen her lose Faith. And if a person will not lose their Faith, there is very little they cannot do.

Back in the late 1950’s, she started pressuring me to make a record. For those of you who remember, these were the old long play thirty-three and a third RPM’s. I wasn’t too very much interested in doing so, but she and the Lord had other plans in mind.
For years we recorded in the finest Studios in Nashville, and she would sit in the control room with some of the best engineers in the world, and tell them exactly what she wanted done on that recording. They learned to listen to her, that despite the fact of not being a musician, she knew what was right and what was not right.
Frances on the set of 'Frances & Friends'.
She is not a Preacher, and has never claimed to be; however, when it comes to her daily program Frances and Friends (Monday through Friday), which is two hours in length each morning, she prepares diligently for that program. To be frank, she has the largest audience of anyone that’s on the SONLIFE BROADCASTING NETWORK. Her program deals with just about everything that pertains to the Lord and the Bible, all the way from A to Z, proverbially speaking.

As it regards the Ministry per se, at this particular stage, we employ some 255 people. She basically knows what each and every one of them does, or is supposed to do. In fact, as it regards the personnel, she is in charge of that. As well, she is the Chief Financial Officer, meaning that she oversees every aspect of the Ministry regarding the finances. And she can make a dollar stretch, I think, further than anyone else I’ve ever known. This leaves me free to carry out the ministerial duties of Television, Radio, the Church, the music, and writing. To replace her, I would need ten people, and even then she could not be replaced.

Jimmy and Frances Swaggart with their grandchildren
From the time she gave her heart to Christ as a teenage girl, her love for God outshines everything else. Her passion as mine is to see souls saved and lives changed. And by the Help and Grace of God, the Lord has helped us to see all over this world, literally tens of thousands brought to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Of course, we give the Lord all the praise and all the glory for that. But yet, were it not for Frances, not nearly as much would have been done for the Lord, and would be being done for the Lord.

The Swaggart Family

Now if there is anything she is partial toward, it’s the great grandchildren. At this stage, there are three little boys (Ryder, Harrison and Navy), and five little girls (Samantha, Abby, Lola, Harper and Caroline Frances). What a pleasure we have in watching them grow up.

She doesn’t sing, she doesn’t play music, she doesn’t preach, but yet she has had and is having a greater impact on the Work of God the world over, than anyone else I personally know. And as I close, if there is anyone in my mind, who fits the 31st Chapter of Proverbs, she does!


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