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Who Will Believe The Report Of The Lord - Part II

January 2018
Review of Part I

In last month’s article, we established certain facts that are important to recall. We established these facts to open our hearts and minds to the truths surrounding divine healing.

First of all, we see the need to believe what the Bible has to say about healing. Our main source must not be someone else’s experience, our own experiences, or even the suggested methodologies of our favorite preacher. We must see in the Scriptures what the Bible says about healing and believe the report given by the Lord.

We have already established that the event of Christ traveling to the Cross paid the price to bring about freedom from the penalty of sin, freedom from the power of sin, and, ultimately, freedom from the presence of sin.

In Isaiah 53:4, we studied the words griefs and sorrows, which revealed that Christ’s work of the Cross also dealt with physical sickness as well as the emotional condition of the heart. Not only did our word study show this to be true, but the Holy Spirit also produced commentary that confirmed the definition of these words in Matthew 8:1-17. Truly Jesus has “borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.”

Healing And The Atonement

My greatest purpose in writing these articles regarding divine healing is to provide evidence that will help establish faith in the heart of each individual that will encourage him or her to reach out in time of need and receive what Christ has paid for.

I would first like to show that healing is a part of the atonement for every believer. In order to see this as a truth, we must first look at the big picture regarding what Christ’s work has afforded humanity. In relationship to the sin problem, we realize that every believer is immediately saved from the presence of sin; he must learn to live by faith to overcome the power of sin, and, when he receives a glorified body, will be forever free from the presence of sin.

We can follow the same line of thinking regarding the healing of our physical bodies. Sin entered both humanity and the world as a result of the fall. The penalty for sin is death. The physical body is subject to the corruption of sin, and, no matter what a person might do to prevent it, he will grow old and die as a result of the presence of sin contained in his physical body.

Death is simply sickness matured. Physicians can’t explain why we grow old. Simply put, the wages of sin is death. When Jesus died on Calvary, He paid the penalty required to free us from both spiritual and physical death. As with sin, even with the penalty paid, the power of sickness still remains and takes a toll on our physical members.

Also, every believer will one day be delivered from the presence of sickness when he experiences his glorified body. This future status from corruption to incorruption is a result of what Jesus did for all humanity at Calvary.

Every believer who has ever believed in God’s redemption plan will receive this miracle of a glorified body. Therefore, it must be conceded that the healing and restoration of the physical body was accomplished by the work of Christ on the Cross.

We Appropriate Healing By Faith

As we have already stated, faith is the most important aspect of receiving healing now. There is no one method, process, 10-step program, or biblical routine that will force God into action on our behalf relative to our healing.

Having said that, I must also say that there are steps that one who is suffering from an ailment might take to open himself up to the healing power of God. Again, we approach the Father with our petitions—not with the idea that we will earn healing—but from the truth that Christ has already paid for the healing of our physical bodies on Calvary. No routine or discipline, no repetition of Scripture, and no mental gymnastics will pressure God to heal.

In fact, a believer would be far better off expressing his faith in the attributes of God’s character, rather than placing his faith in what he himself might do. In the scriptural examples of divine healing, His compassion, pity, or mercy far outweighs any action accomplished by those in need. Appeal to the truth that God cares for you.

Check Your Object Of Faith

While I am not against the use of physicians, doctors, surgeons, or other legitimate medical help, one has to be very careful not to place his faith in those practicing medicine or their solutions. Solutions to some medical problems often escape the most educated and well-intended physicians. Acknowledge Christ as the only true and legitimate healer of your body. It’s not wrong to take medicines, but bear in mind that your faith must reside in Christ and not in the medicine. Pay attention to what you eat and how often you exercise. Many illnesses are a result of what we are putting into our bodies and what we are doing (or not doing) relative to fitness. But don’t place your faith in the implementation of new diets and exercise programs to heal. Fight to keep your faith free and singular—healing by Christ alone.

Explore The Word Of God And Pray

In the four Gospels and in the book of Acts, to my simple count, there are more than 90 examples of individuals being healed by God’s power. Pore over these passages. Let faith in God’s desire and willingness to heal the human body rise in your heart as a result. Ask and keep on asking for the healing that you need. Appeal to the Lord on the basis of His redemption plan and His mercy.

In this way, we open ourselves to receive healing from a divine source. Keep your faith centered on Christ and His work on Calvary, and this will position you to receive that for which you are asking. And, if God should so choose not to extend healing now, then the everlasting healing of your body is still assured. The last enemy to be destroyed is death. Death is simply sickness matured.

No Condemnation

It’s important as well that we do not allow ourselves to fall under the condemnation of men. Some preachers and Christians will try to tell you that you don’t have the proper faith or enough faith to be healed. Others will say that you haven’t done the right thing, haven’t taken all the right steps, or haven’t said all the right words. Don’t let the ignorance of men add to the burden of an already extra heavy load. Simple faith is all that God requires.

I don’t know why everyone who asks for healing is not healed here and now. However, I will continue to believe God for the physical well-being that I need to finish my course here on this earth with joy. After which, I will receive the ultimate conclusion—healing in my body which will never be sick or ill again. Glory be to God!

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