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Online Classes Are Here!

March 2015

WHAT A PRIVILEGE IT is to make the announcement that online classes are now available from WEBC&S. Over the past several years, we have labored incessantly to make this possible for you. We believe that we have designed a series of classes that will do far more than just educate students about the Bible. At the core of all of our courses is the Message of the Cross. This is the process of sanctification that is essential for every Christian. We believe that our professors will guide you into Bible knowledge and provide personal insight that will result in victory and growth as you learn to trust in the finished work of Christ.

HOW DO I GET STARTED? The first step to becoming an online student at WEBC&S requires the prospective student to travel through the process of online orientation. This is done by going online to our website at www.webc.edu and following the link to online classes and online orientation. Here you will find all the information needed, ranging from equipment required to prices and classes, and everything in between. Once again, the details are far too many to spell out in this article, so you must visit the website and read the associated material to fully understand what it takes to participate in these classes. Once a prospective student has read and/or viewed all of the appropriate material and has agreed to abide by the guidelines and policies presented, he or she will be free to choose from a list of available classes at our WEBC store and begin his online classroom experience.

CREDIT OR AUDIT Each class that we have developed will be offered as both an audit class and a credit class. The difference between the two lies primarily between costs and responsibilities. Both audit and credit students will have 16 weeks to complete the course. The credit student will be responsible for all assignments, quizzes, and exams, along with the viewing of all class lectures. Additionally, the credit student will receive materials and handouts to help him or her better grasp the subject at hand.

On the other hand, the audit student will not be required to do any classwork. He or she will not take any quizzes or exams and will not receive any materials or handouts. Audit students will have 16 weeks to view the course and gain the information offered from the class and its atmosphere. An audit student will not gain any credit toward our degree programs, while a credit student may move toward the fulfillment of a degree plan if he so desires.

THE CLASSES Each class that we offer is a class that we have recorded live at WEBC&S. We are continuing to record and build new classes all the time so that in the future, many more classes will be offered. The student will be able to view every lecture of any one class just as if he or she were an in-house student here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Again, the time frame allowed for each course is 16 weeks, a standard semester for almost any school. All credit classes will begin on the first business day of every month. In other words, the students will have the choice of which month to begin their classes, choosing a time frame that best suits his or her schedule. The students will need to register at least two weeks prior to the start date of any credit class. The audit classes will have two starting dates in every month and will run 16 weeks as well.


While discussing and establishing these classes, it was the goal of Jimmy Swaggart Ministries to keep costs down so that all who desired could participate. Therefore, we established a simple one price fee for each type of class. The credit courses will cost $325 per course. This is not per credit hour, mind you; this is the total cost of each individual credit course. For credit students, there will be additional costs for textbooks, but no other fees or charges will exist. For audit students, the cost will be $125 per course. Textbooks are optional; they are encouraged but not required.

Again, let me say that there is far too much information that is needed for me to put it in this article. To get the full picture, please go to www.webc.edu. We look forward to serving you and teaching you in the near future.

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