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Finish The Wall.

July 2022

“So the wall was finished in the twenty and fifth day of the month Elul, in fifty and two days. And it came to pass, that when all our enemies heard thereof, and all the heathen that were about us saw these things, they were much cast down in their own eyes: for they perceived that this work was wrought of our God.” —Nehemiah 6:15-16

The Area Of Responsibility
The work that God has called each of us to is extremely special. No one but you can finish the task that God has set before you. God intends for you to accomplish what He sent you to do. He may move you on to another task once this particular responsibility is accomplished. But until God specifically directs you to remove yourself from one place and moves you toward another, you must be careful not to be drawn away by the enemy.

In our text, Nehemiah was attacked in a variety of ways to hinder him from accomplishing what God had given him to do. As you read this article, ask yourself if you have been or are being attacked by any of these methods.

In Nehemiah’s case, the greatest attempt of the enemy came just as he neared the completion of his task. The walls of Jerusalem had been rebuilt and joined together. Only the gates remained to be completed. When the enemy sees that you are about to finish a task or bring something to its highest potential, he will double his efforts to remove you from the work. Nehemiah was asked to step down from the work and meet with those who opposed him. Nehemiah’s response was classic: “I am doing a great work, so that I cannot come down: why should the work cease, whilst I leave it, and come down to you?” (Neh. 6:3).

Distraction may come to the modern-day believer in a variety of ways. To distract simply means to divert one’s attention to a different object. Perhaps a new ministry opportunity has raised its head. One needs to be very careful when choosing to add a ministry to his present responsibilities. Another form of distraction might come in the form of discouragement. We become weary in well doing. The Bible exhorts us not to become weary in well doing for in due season we will reap if we faint not (Gal. 6:9).

At times, personal pleasure or worldly inclinations may pull us off the wall that God has designed for us to labor upon.

Personal gain or wrong relationships may serve as distractions as well. The truth is, the enemy simply desires to do you mischief. The enemy desires to hurt the work of God that you are doing. Therefore, avoid distraction and finish the wall. You are doing a great work. Why should the work cease for any reason other than a direct command of God? Finish the wall!

Attack Against The Character Of The Worker
A second effort of the enemy to remove the individual from the work is a direct attack against the character of the person performing the task. In Nehemiah’s situation, he was accused of having a wrong motivation for building the wall. His enemies said he was trying to build a kingdom for himself, that he intended to be declared king once the wall was finished. His enemies threatened to give proof of these false statements to Artaxerxes the king, who had given Nehemiah the permission and resources to do the work. This was intimidation by fear through the impugning of one’s character.

I doubt there has ever been anything done for God that the enemy did not use this tactic to try and shut it down. This is why the believer needs to be very careful that there can be no charge against his character. I know that none of us are perfect, but there are decisions we sometimes make regarding our lifestyles that can come back and haunt us later. Be aware that the enemy will use anything to shut you down. Don’t give him the opportunity by acting unwisely.

Nehemiah recognized the efforts of the enemy and declared them as lies. He said there were no such things done that his enemies were proclaiming. He refused to be dominated by fear. Nehemiah stayed on the wall.

False Words From False Brethren
Finally, we find that Nehemiah had to deal with false words from false brethren. One word came to him that an assassination attempt was going to be made against him. The suggestion was made that he withdraw from the wall to take refuge in the temple. This was given to Nehemiah in the form of a prophecy or a word from God.

When it comes to the work that God has for you to do, no one is able to tell you God’s instructions better than God Himself. You must be secure in your ability to hear from God and secure in the knowledge that what you are doing is of the Lord. This will cement your feet in the location and to the task that God has given you to do. It will also provide you with a sense of discernment by which to recognize that which is not from the Lord.

Nehemiah discerned that this false word came from a false brother. Several others who had been hired by the enemy tried to use similar religious gifts as a means of removing Nehemiah from his task. Using the discernment provided through the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God, we must ever find the mind of God regarding our work for Him and let nothing stop us from its completion. God can certainly move people on to different areas and different tasks. But be sure that before you leave you have finished all that God has intended for you to finish.
Remember, the call to leave must be stronger than the call you received to begin the work.

Don’t give up on what God has given you to do—finish the wall! Nehemiah finished the wall, and his enemies were ashamed. They were acutely aware that God had helped him accomplish the task. Despite all, finish the wall!


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