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June 2013

Hebrews 11:39 – “And these all (Old Testament Saints), having obtained a good report through Faith (refers to being Judged accordingly by the Holy Spirit), received not the Promise (the Messiah didn’t come during their times, but they had Faith He ultimately would come, and so He did!).”


In today’s Church world, the concepts of faith are promoted and preached consistently. Sadly, as important as faith is to the Believer, much of what is said or taught is not Biblical Faith. That is, the definitions, actions, or even objects of Faith that are tied to the term are centered on the wisdom of men and not upon the Word of God. So, be careful when it comes to what you read or hear about Faith. As a basic, all Faith should in some way be tied to the Person of Christ and the Work of Christ. Christ is the source of all that we need in this life and His Finished Work on Calvary made the way for the Lord to freely bring to the Believer everything and anything we may ever need and more. Salvation comes to us in this way. As a person places Faith in the Person of Jesus and His Atoning Death on the Cross, they can receive Salvation. Likewise, everything that the Believer receives from God is the result of the Gift coming from Christ in Heaven being funneled to us through the door that was opened by the Cross. However, I really don’t want to focus on these details today. I want to bring to you a simple thought that will encourage you to believe even when you haven’t yet received what you have been asking God for.


The great Eleventh Chapter of Hebrews details the lives and actions of some of the greatest figures and examples of Faith known to man. We see the great victories of Abraham, Sarah, Moses, and others. We are reminded of the powerful expressions of God working through men such as David and Samuel. We see the powerful benefits of Faith given to “unworthy” folk (of which kind we all are) like Rahab and Samson. We are encouraged as we see their stories and hear of the Mighty and Miraculous Deeds God did in their life through Faith. But then there comes the picture of those who didn’t seem to be benefited by their Faith. Their promises weren’t received. Their prayers were not answered. They were sawn asunder while others were tortured. Some experienced cruel mockings and scourgings, or even bonds and imprisonment. Some were stoned, tempted, and slain with the sword. Others wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins; being destitute, afflicted, and tormented. In most circles of thought, it would seem that their Faith did not benefit them. So why did God place these (who seemingly lost out) in the great Chapter of Faith. They didn’t receive their promises or petitions. Surely what they experienced isn’t what they had hoped for or asked for! So how did these benefit by Faith?


It must be that the benefit of our Faith is not found entirely in the actual realization of a promise or possession. There must be a greater benefit to Faith than that which can be seen, held, or felt. Therefore, I suggest to the reader that God’s greatest Purpose in regard to Faith must be an internal character benefit that is accomplished in us by God, as we hold to a promise or a belief. This is a Work carried out within the heart and mind of the Believer that no one but God sees. The Believer themselves would feel it, even recognize it, as the pain of circumstance or situation pushes them further down the avenue of Faith and dependence upon the One True Living God. They would be comforted daily by His Presence. They would rest securely within the confines of supernatural peace, even as they marched through the “shadow of the valley of death.” These would find a Spiritual Table spread in the wilderness in the presence of their enemies, even though their physical table was laden with meager fare. These would learn true dependence, true reliance, true joy, true contentment, and true Holiness through the experience of being conformed into His Image in the midst of their trial. Despite consternation and even obvious heartbreak, they would not doubt or disbelieve in God’s Promise. Not freed from their earthly burdens they held fast to their Faith in God. To their last day, their last hour, in their last minute, and with their last breath they praised His Name. For their Faith was in Him and they were satisfied and content in just knowing Him. God Himself speaks of these in Hebrews 11:38, and describes them, “Of whom the world was not worthy.” Oh what benefit! Oh what Gain! To lose myself and be found again, in Him! Therefore, the true measure of Faith is not found in the promise possessed, it is found in the promise believed! Lord, I believe!

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