No Regard For Life - Part V

Reprinted from Rape Of A Nation by Jimmy Swaggart
December 2021

Carleton Sherwood, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, produced an unsettling documentary, Death in the Nursery, concerning infanticide in our nation.29 In collecting evidence for the documentary, he visited 20 different states and reviewed over 30,000 death certificates. The most controversial cases involved the deaths of children with Down’s syndrome and spina bifida — and extremely premature infants where there were signs of possible mental impairment.

He reports accumulated evidence of over 100 bona fide cases of the withholding or withdrawing of medical treatment, including food and water. He further states, “We even found one chilling case of a Down’s baby who died … Not because he was starved … But because he was fed. He had a blockage of the bowel that the parents and doctors refused to repair. He died after 40 days of a distended abdomen and a perforated intestine.”30

Once again, it’s hard to escape the parallels between Nazi Germany and America. As in the Nazi “solution” to the Jewish problem, all humans are not given the right to life. In order to be granted the privilege of life in Nazi Germany, qualities other than “humanness” were required — and the Jews just didn’t measure up. The same thing is happening to the millions of babies being “exterminated” in our nation today through abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia.

Man’s philosophy dictates his practice! In some cases, we feel strongly that someone we love would be better off dead. It may seem to be an act of mercy to allow him to die, but we must examine our motives closely. Are we genuinely concerned about the loved one, or are we more concerned about the suffering we experience as we watch him?

We often look at handicapped people and pity them. Yet the handicapped feel normal — even if they may not appear that way. We tend to be discomfited by the confusion of the senile, but they are seldom aware of their own confusion. To judge whether or not someone’s life is worth living, we need a wisdom beyond that of mere mortals. Nevertheless, there are those in positions of influence and authority who seem to claim this divine wisdom.

Sherwood and his associates point out that many physicians see little difference between aborting a handicapped child and ending that child’s life after birth.31 While, actually, this is true, it does seem that many have lost their sense of morality. Although these physicians may be excellent surgeons or excellent technicians, they can become enamored with the mechanics of their craft. They can then lose sight of what’s inside the bodies on which they work.

Two such men are William Taeusch and Alex Haller, both leading neonatologists here in the United States. In fact, they are the head neonatologists of two of the leading medical schools in the country, Harvard and Johns Hopkins. They both argue for death injections and for the withholding of care.32

It may be difficult for some of us to get the full impact of what is happening in our land today as a result of the general loss of respect for life. But imagine this, as Sherwood proposes, “How would you like to wake up some morning after being put into a hospital and see one of these men standing over you? Think about it. If you weren’t able to verbalize, if you weren’t able to tell them exactly what you wanted — what would it be like?”33

Amniocentesis (studying uterine fluids) and prenatal diagnoses are becoming common practices in medical centers. They are most commonly used to spot Down’s syndrome children in order to abort them before birth or further development. Haller comments, “Now if you put it in that context, then what is the difference ethically from interrupting a Down’s child in utero at 20 weeks versus deciding a Down’s child born at 38 weeks shall be allowed to die?”34

He states it well. There is no difference. Both are murder! Of course, Haller would, no doubt, consider himself to be a humane person. In fact, he would assume that he is “doing the baby a favor.” He adds that once society decides there are indications for not allowing the child to survive, “then the humane and ethical way to handle that would be to come up with some way of immediately allowing them to die. And you can make it a bit more striking by saying ‘some way to kill them.’”35

In Summary
Sometime ago I heard a distinguished Jewish businessman commenting on the Holocaust of Hitler’s Germany. He stated that some of the people burned in Hitler’s ovens might have held within their brains the cure for cancer or other great secrets that could have made valuable contributions to the human race. But they did not live to reveal these secrets.

I have often wondered: Of the millions of babies destroyed by a doctor’s intervention or by their mother’s selfishness, how many George Washingtons, Abraham Lincolns, D. L. Moodys, and Charles Finneys are being lost? Some argue that most would never rise to this stature. That’s true, of course, but everyone who does makes the world a better place in which to live. We can’t afford to lose even one Abraham Lincoln or Charles Finney.

Our nation must choose. We must either come back to God or stand condemned before Him. Our national position could conceivably become so perverted that it will cause God to turn His back upon the United States of America. Someone said a long time ago that if God didn’t judge this country, He was going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah. I am sadly convinced that the tide is indeed rolling toward our destruction.

The abortion issue concerns every one of us. Though you may recoil at the very thought of abortion, failure to speak out against it is tacit approval. Unless Bible-believing Christians arise in righteous indignation, every freedom will be stripped away, one by one, until the only freedom left will be the freedom to die.

The Christian community stands as an appalling parallel to the church in Nazi Germany. A tragic element in Nazi death camps was the denial of individual responsibility.36 They transferred blame to the state, considering it to be an “authority ordained by God.”

Christians, though used to being obedient to those in authority, must recognize that God’s law supersedes man’s law. When a government requires its people to bow to Baal, it is time to take a stand for righteousness and to speak out for the cause of Christ. No man, woman, or child who truly loves God would intentionally participate in the American holocaust — but it is silence that allows the onslaught to continue. Remember, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

A Physician related the following: “She had a number tattooed on her arm when I examined her. The origin of the tattoo was obvious and familiar—Buchenwald. I asked her if she would like to have it removed by plastic surgery, but she declined. She said she would wear it to the grave, for it was her diploma from the school of life. ‘Doctor,’ she said, ‘I don’t know where you learned what life is, but I know where I learned it. I don’t even step on cockroaches now.’”37

The truth is, the value we place upon life will be reflected by our actions — or lack of action.

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