Faithful Is He That Calleth You

October 2020

“Faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it” — I Thessalonians 5:24

Faith, faithful, and faithfulness are beautiful words with a very singular meaning. These words are in reference to something or someone who is “reliable and trustworthy.” Faithful friends are very important and worth more to us than silver and gold, but this heart-gripping story will be about someone else who is faithful, no matter what we go through or where we live.

An Incredible Story
Sometime ago, my lawyer son, who lives in the Nashville, Tennessee area phoned me. In a voice of excitement and pathos, he proceeded to tell me a story that literally caused me to shout. Later on, over lunch, his lawyer boss, Kurt, told it to me in more detail. Here is the story:

Several years ago, Mr. Kurt and several of his Christian friends flew from Nashville to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (South of Russia), for the purpose of handing out free copies of the Jesus movie. Afterward, they were to witness and preach wherever possible. Upon arriving in Bishkek, they got a vehicle and drove several hundred miles to a city near the border of China, Kara-Kulga, a Muslim city. They prayed much, worked hard, gave out many Jesus videos, and witnessed to many. You may remember the Jesus film produced by Dr. Bill Bright and Campus Crusade for Christ in 1981.

After a week or two, the day came to load up the van and drive back to Bishkek and then fly back to the USA. They drove many miles and finally arrived in Bishkek. It was now time for them to drive to the airport and prepare to fly home. They were all very tired, BUT...

A Divine Intervention
In the van, all of a sudden, Mr. Kurt turned and asked Billy, their missionary guide, to drive them to the area where he had lived when he did missionary work in Bishkek. Billy tried to talk Mr. Kurt out of it, but the lawyer would not be persuaded. Finally, Rev. Bill agreed to take them to the area where he had lived. They drove a long way out of the way, down twisting streets with many potholes, and through a rough part of town. Finally, they arrived and saw a sad looking, four-story, dilapidated apartment building. Well, now Kurt wanted to go into the building. For some strange reason, Brother Kurt wanted all of them to climb four sets of stairs to get to that apartment. After some discussion, all of the men climbed the dark stairs.

As they reached the fourth floor, they stopped in front of an apartment door, and Kurt insisted that they knock on the door to see who lived there. They knocked! A small Asian man and his wife opened the door. The apartment occupant was startled and shocked to see six big men at his door. Rev. Bill tried to settle things down, and began explaining in broken Russian why they were knocking on his door. Bill explained that he was a Christian missionary and had lived in this apartment, and his American friends wanted to see where he had lived. The apartment occupant believed him and let them in to see the apartment.

As they were getting acquainted, the Asian man shared that he was also from America and that he was also a missionary. The man shared with the group of men that he and his wife had been feeling quite down and discouraged for many months now. They felt very alone, almost forsaken. He explained that he and his wife were having a very hard time and were questioning God regarding why they were in Kyrgyzstan, which was so far from home. Postal service was bad, and the internet was not available. He shared that he desperately needed to write a letter to a friend in Nashville but could find no way to get it to him.

Mr. Kurt spoke up, “Who is your friend in Nashville? That is where we are from.” With surprise, the man replied, “Wally Quillen.” Kurt could hardly believe what the man said. After some discussion, it was agreed that they knew the same man. Mr. Kurt encouraged him to write the letter and said, “I will be seeing him on Monday. You see, I will be in court Monday to help them in their adoption of a new baby. I will personally give them your letter.”

At that moment, everybody in that room knew that there had been a divine intervention in answer to prayer. The Asian man and his wife wept and gave praise to God. He shared, “Now, I know that God cares for me and that He loves me because today, He has brought an angel to my door.” It was not an angel. It was just a group of Spirit-filled men who were listening to the voice of the Spirit. Now missionary Bill, lawyer Kurt, and the other men knew why the Holy Spirit had diverted the team and delayed the drive to the airport in Bishkek. It was for them to visit that fourth floor apartment in order to minister to some lonely, discouraged missionaries.

Think of it. God nudged Mr. Kurt to add a little side trip to their schedule that day in order to help a couple be encouraged in the Lord, and to help them mail a letter!

God truly cares about all the details of our lives. He knows who we are and where we live. He knows our trials and our pain. The team flew to Nashville rejoicing. The next Monday, attorney Kurt found Wally and Ann at the court house, and he hand delivered the letter and told this story.


St. Paul reminded the church at Corinth, “But God is faithful,” (I Cor. 10:13) and urged the Thessalonians to remember that “faithful is he that calleth you, who also will do it” (I Thess. 5:24 ). HE WILL DO IT!

Dear friends, be encouraged today and know that God is a faithful God. He is mindful of your circumstances and truly cares about you. Trust Him. He will not leave you nor forsake you. He is with you always.


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