A Conspiracy
And Sarah Saw
A Warning For America From South Africa

Be Angry And Sin Not
Before I Formed Thee

Common Core
Conditioned For Communism

Decisionism Or Conversion
Did I Commit The Unpardonable Sin

Enabling Evil

Grace Revolution Or Sin Revolution
Globalism & Matthew 24

Has Ethnic Loyalty in America Replaced Loyalty to Christ?
He Opened To Us The Scriptures
History Proves America Is Not A Muslim Nation
Hyper-Faith: New Gnosticism - Part I
Hyper-Faith: New Gnosticism - Part II
Hyper-Faith: New Gnosticism - Part III

If It Be So, Why Am I Thus?
Is it True that One Cannot be Biblical and Relevant at the Same Time?
Is there More than One Way to God?

Jesus Is The Narrow Way

Let No Man Put Asunder
Let Us Build Us A City And A Tower

Man’s Purpose, Part I
Man’s Purpose, Part II
Man’s Purpose, Part III

Obedience or Rebellion?
Occupy Till He Comes (Reprint from May 2015)
Out With The Old In With The New

Preach with Power

Separation: The Strength of the Redeemed ( Reprinted )
Sins of the Heart
Spirits of Light Spiritual Unity vs. Social Unity: Which Should Define Your Place Of Worship?

The Biblical View of Homosexuality (Part I)
The Biblical View of Homosexuality (Part II)
The Biblical View of Homosexuality (Part III)
The Call Of God
The Dangers of Alcohol (Part I)
The Dangers of Alcohol (Part II)
The Dangers of Alcohol (Part III)
The Error of the Wicked (II Pet. 3:17)
The Holy Spirit
The Land Is Mine
The Most Important Thing Happening Today
The Rapture of the Church
The Successful Home And Marraige. Part I: Ordained By God
The Successful Home And Marraige. Part II: The Partnership>
The Successful Home And Marraige. Part III: Unequally Yoked < < < NEW

Vain Imagination

What is Dominionism (Part I)
What is Dominionism (Part II)
What is Man’s Purpose
Why We Stand For the National Anthem
Willful Sin (Part I)
Willful Sin (Part II)
Willful Sin (Part III)
Willful Sin (Part IV)
Willful Sin (Part V)
Will You Obey God Or Man?

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January - Is It True? One Cannot be Biblical and Relevant at the Same Time
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January - Willful Sin, Part IV
February - Willful Sin, Part V

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